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Successful CityHush dissemination; e-bike in Taksony, Hungary Successful CityHush dissemination; e-bike in Taksony, Hungary
Reducing transport noise in cities:
Final CityHush event
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Final CityHush Newsletter awailable now!
The CityHush project is coming to an end, check out more of the results.

4th CityHush Newsletter available now!
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3rd CityHush Newsletter available now!
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CityHush at EURONOISE 2012
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You are invited to attend the session on acoustically green road vehicles and city areas and meet CityHush at the international conference EURONOISE, 10-12 June 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.
At EURONOISE 2012 the CityHush session "Acoustically Green Road Vehicles and City Areas" (NS1) will be hold. Topics of presentations include definitions and impacts of quiet facades and quiet urban areas, noise of electric and combustion powered scooters, measuring and analyzing road traffic noise, noise mapping on a large scale and embedded parks in quiet zones. The session targets urban transport noise experts from industry and research. For registration and more information, visit

Results of First CityHush Seminar available
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2nd CityHush Newsletter available now!
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First CityHush Seminar!
Brussels, 23 November 2011 ... more!

On Wednesday 23 November, CityHush is organizing its first seminar in Brussels. Now that the project is halfway, partners will share intermediate results on Q-zones, noise score rating models, low-noise vehicles, low-noise road surfaces, and noise barriers. The seminar targets urban transport noise experts from the industry, research and public sector.
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CityHush first Newsletter available now!
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Test campaign in Athens for assessment of PTW annoyance ... more!

A test campaign in 4 different sites was developed in the city of Athens for an outdoor assessment of the annoyance of the people from road traffic, and specifically PTW (mopeds, scooters, motorbikes) traffic. The four sites were ranging an Leq between 50 and 80 dB (A), thus were representing a quiet area against very noisy area. In all cases pedestrians were interviewed, experiencing the annoyance of the passing by cars and motorbikes. A still unanswered question is if, when and why the PTW are considered more annoying than the cars. At a first look, by having asked about 200 pedestrians their opinion regarding the PTW (about 20 % of the vehicles pass-by in Athens roads are PTW), if the percentage of annoyed pedestrians by general road traffic leading to an Leq among 55 and 65 dB (A) is 71 %, 82 % is the percentage annoyed by scooters and motorbikes specifically.

Noise rating model for the outdoor environment ... more!

Current identification of hot spots in noise maps is based on façade levels and does not include possible beneficial effects of a nearby quiet outdoor environment. To enable an evaluation of noise in the outdoor environment, a noise rating model is developed in which indicators for outdoor noise are combined with information about the function of the area and the number of people making use of the area to predict the overall annoyance response. The model will be tested by investigating the effect of noise in the outdoor urban environment in subjects residing and walking in a realistic situation.


The CityHush project has been closed, further subscription is not possible anymore. All project results are available at this website.