Dynamics, Structures and Systems International


D2S International is a Belgian industrial engineering and research SME specialised in railway noise and vibrations and wheel/rail interaction. The company has 20 engineers, most of them with M.Sc.'s and Doctoral Degrees in mechanical engineering or civil engineering and a specialisation in dynamics. The main focus of its activities is on assistance to contractors and operators of rail transport systems during the design and construction phases and the verification of the system during operation. This covers the entire infrastructure: rail, road, bridges and tunnels. The company also investigates existing noise and vibration problems and designs specific new systems and engineering solutions. The Numerical Technologies and Simulation division within the company specialises in simulation techniques based on the finite element method. This division has large experience in the modelling of transport systems. D2S works on projects worldwide.

E-mail: hamid.masoumi@d2sint.com

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