Reducing transport noise in cities: Final CityHush event

Seminar agenda:


Presentations | PDF´s: (die Pdf-Dateien sind in der Anlage)

1. Höjer - Introduction to the CityHush project
2. Fiebig - Measuring and Analyzing Road Traffic Noise
3. Söderström - Embedded parks
4. Masoumi - Reduction of low frequency structure borne noise
5. Höjer - Low noise road surface
6. Söderström - Low noise vehicles
7. Fiebig - Noise of electric and combustion powered scooters
8. Höjer - Summary_Seminar
9. Torehammar - Acoustically green city areas - how to create Q-zones
10. Algers - Embedded parks to reduce transport noise
11. Begtsson - Site report Stockholms path to reduce transport noise
12. Salomons - Estimation of numbers of people affected by traffic noise
13. Desanghere - How to define the optimal low noise road-an economical approach
14. Höjer - Summary Workshop

Announcement of the Final CityHush dissemination event
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11 December 2012 Stockholm, Sweden
On Tuesday 11 December, CityHush is organizing its final expert seminar in Stockholm. Now that the project is coming to an end, it will share final results on research and recommendations regarding quiet zones, noise score rating models, low-noise vehicles, low-noise road surfaces, and noise barriers. The seminar in the morning targets urban transport noise experts from the industry, research and public sector. The workshop in the afternoon particularly addresses local authorities, to train them on how the CityHush tools can support them in developing and implementing their local transport noise abatement strategies. The event thus consists of two parts:

11 December, 9-13.00h: CityHush seminar
The seminar targets urban transport noise experts from the industry, research and public sector.

11 December, 14-16.00h: CityHush training workshop for local authorities
In the training, representatives from local authorities can learn how to make use of the tools developed by CityHush. The session will be practical and allows only a limited group of participants Attendance at the seminar and the training are free of charge, but registration is required.

Programme: PDF
Registration: www.polisnetwork.eu


Reducing Transport Noise in Cities - First CityHush dissemination seminar
Brussels, 23 November 2011

Seminar agenda:


Presentations | PDF´s:

1. Höjer - Objectives and expetcted results
2. Algers - Tools for creating Q-zones
3. Petz - Embedded parks
4. Janssen - Noise score rating models
5. Fiebig - Noise specifications and noise criteria for Q-zones
6. Ulmgren - Low noise road surface
7. Paviotti - Noise & annoyance standard for motorcycles
8. Doorslaer - Building design



Announcement of the First CityHush dissemination seminar
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On Wednesday 23 November, results of the CityHush project will be presented for the first time! Partners will share
intermediate results on Q-zones, noise score rating models, low-noise vehicles, low-noise road surfaces, and noise barriers from 2pm - 5.15pm in Brussels.

The first CityHush dissemination seminar targets urban transport noise experts from the industry, research and public sector. The project started in January 2010 to support city administrations with the development and implementation of noise action plans according to the directive EC 2002/49. Noise action plans made with existing technology suffer from major shortcomings: there is a poor correlation between hot spots and annoyance and complaints, most measures lead to increased emissions, and only indoor noise comfort is addressed. In order to reduce noise in city environments, CityHush develops suitable problem identification and evaluation tools and designs noise reduction solutions for hot spots that show a high correlation with annoyance and complaints.

Featured Topics
Now that the project is halfway, the innovative solutions and tools under development will be presented in the first dissemination seminar on 23 November in Brussels:

Urban planning & noise score rating systems:
• Q-zones and parks embedded in Q-Zones
  – Noise score rating models for the outdoors

Vehicles, tyres & road surfaces:
• Noise specifications for vehicle purchase and noise criteria for access to Q-Zones
• Creating a low-noise road surface for inner city use
• Noise and annoyance standard for motorcycles in the urban environment

Building design & noise barriers:
• Propagation attenuation of road traffic noise

Seminar agenda: PDF
Registration: www.polisnetwork.eu/cityhush