Stockholm Environmental Protection Agency

Voestalpine Schienen

The City of Stockholm, Planning and Environment Department works to increase consideration for issues related to health and environment in the City. The Department is responsible for ensuring that the regulations of the Environmental Code are followed within several areas:

- Biological diversity and protected natural areas
- Environmentally detrimental activities such as industries
- Contaminated grounds and buildings
- Chemical products and goods
- Hazardous waste

The Department inspects a large number of activities, ranging from the largest heating and treatment plants to dentist's surgeries and filling stations. Traffic is one of the major environmental problems in Stockholm. We handle traffic-related complaints, work to limit traffic noise and to improve the quality of the air. This work includes disturbances from roads as well as railways, aviation and harbours.

Preventive work helps limit the impact an public health and the environment. They take part in the planning of new residential areas, work places, roads etc. This includes the protection of the City's parks and valuable natural areas in order to promote recreation and biological diversity.

The Department is also responsible for the work with the City's project Clean Energy Cars in Stockholm that works to promote the use of alternative fuels, both in the City's own car fleet as well as among businesses and the general public. The Department has also financed and elaborated a new noise environment rating score model for describing the perception of noise severity of individual residentials.

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