Trafikkontoret Göteborg – Traffic & Public Transport Authority

Trafikkontoret Göteborg - City of Gothenburg - Traffic and Public Transport Auhority

( Gothenburg is the "Transport Capital City" in Scandinavia with a vital importance for the development of the entire western part of Sweden. City of Gothenburg - Traffic and Public Transport Authority (Trafikkontoret) is responsible for all traffic in Gothenburg also the public transport in co-operation with the Västtrafik AB. Trafikkontoret also administer the entire road and Track network in Gothenburg. In the responsibility is also included the tram track network. The Traffic and Public Transport Authority thus plays an important role in promoting and improving an environmental friendly and efficient transportation system for the inhabitants in the Gothenburg region. As a part of this work, Trafikkontoret has been promoting development of ultra-quiet road surfaces environmental friendly vehicle for city core traffic and other actions towards a better, more environmental efficient traffic.


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