TT&E Traffic - Transportation & Environment Consultants S.A.

TT&E Consultants SA, was founded in December 1997 from scientists & engineers with extensive and important experience in Environmental Design & Transportation Studies & Consultancy Services. TT&E Consultants SA, is a leading environmental & engineering consultancy firm in Greece with an outstanding reputation especially in acoustic studies. TT&E Consultants SA, specializes in Environmental Impact Assessment Studies, for Road networks, Airports, Ports, Railways, also in Environmental Acoustics Studies (Strategic Noise Maps, Noise Action Plans), Noise Barriers, Ground borne noise & Vibration monitoring & protection and also in integrated consultancy services in environmental noise, vibration & air pollution monitoring systems. They have been involved in all important environmental noise and vibration studies for Athens Metro (“Attiko Metro” SA - Lines 2 and 3 as well as for all the relevant extensions). They are also involved in the major environmental noise mitigation studies for the Athens Tram network and the relevant extensions to Piraeus, Syntagma & Voula in central Athens. They had also executed with success, extensive environmental traffic noise maps for all major cities in Greece as per Athens, Thessaloniki etc. including very detailed local noise abatement maps including noise barriers implementation and detailed design. They have design all noise mitigation measures along the new highways in suburb areas of Athens & Thessaloniki (Attiki Odos Motorway, PATHE Motorway, Egnatia Odos Motorway, etc), as well as Strategic Noise Maps of the Athens & Larnaka International Airport and all urban areas & major cities of Cyprus. They are also involved in airborne & ground borne noise monitoring programs in Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, France etc.

The person in charge is Prof. VOGIATZIS, Assistant Professor in Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Department, University of Thessaly, who was awarded within the Decibel d'Or 2003 competition in acoustics (FR), and the “Ecocity” Environmental Research award 2008 (GR) for his excellent work.


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